Boston Vacation

8 September, 2010

Adam and I flew up to Boston to spend the long weekend with friends in Cambridge, MA. Raven Used Books was one of our stops on Saturday, which reminded me how much money I could readily spend on books if I lived in Boston.

Our colorful sleeping nook.

At Mike’s Maze in Sunderland, MA. You can see people lined up to enter the maze, along with the camera obscura (not pictured – the doughnut-making robot). This year’s maze is Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can.

Planning the route (feet already well dusted).

Print making in the maze.

A nice view, after we ate soooo much food (and before we ate even more food).

Stopping to see the seals on one of our long walks.

Carrot cake cupcakes in progress.

Not too shabby!

In space! (at the Boston Museum of Science)

A final shot from the museum. It was so entertaining there that I forgot to make everyone go to the Omni Theater.


From the opening day qualifying rounds.

Morning Coffee

31 July, 2010


24 July, 2010

Things That are Blue

23 July, 2010

A present from Turkey.

The sky last Saturday evening.

Aprium (Apricot + Plum)

22 July, 2010