From the opening day qualifying rounds.


Morning Coffee

31 July, 2010


24 July, 2010

Things That are Blue

23 July, 2010

A present from Turkey.

The sky last Saturday evening.

Aprium (Apricot + Plum)

22 July, 2010

At the Bistro. I could imagine, given how much time I spend thinking about eating at the Bistro when I go to New Paltz, that my expectations would get too high. But then I would be wrong.

Oh, whole milk, you are delicious in my iced coffee.

Inquiring Minds Bookstore

Walkway Over the Hudson. A bit much concrete, given how close we were to hiking trails, but still a nice walk with friends.

Kayakers down below.

And one more shot of H. for future pattern mixing inspiration.

Celebratory Cook Out!

20 July, 2010

Always say yes to a cook out at the Angstroms.

Other reasons not pictured here: lawn games (defeated at croquet, I emerge victorious at both bocce and speed bocce).

Settling the rules for croquet: Heather unsuccessfully tries to  alter the double wicket structure at the beginning and middle of the course, which would come back to haunt her.

Love these two.