First Diptych Effort

29 May, 2010

Alright, here’s my first shot at it, combining two images from the same day with similar subjects (using Picasa’s collage feature). These images might benefit from being separated by some space, but I wanted to give a combination like this a shot. I also tried combining two shots with landscape orientation, although I could only seem to get them to work when positioned one above the other. I should also mention that the tree on the right in the upper diptych is older than the U.S. Constitution.


Late May Flowers

29 May, 2010

I’ve been having some trouble finding things that incite me to take photographs, and I think this may have something to do with living in a suburban town. Open landscapes, water, hills and mountains all seem like appropriate subjects, but are all lacking here, so I’ve been settling for smaller images. I don’t think I have an eye for finding unexpected, pretty scenes within the confines of this area. And while shots of flowers often make me admire the technical capacity of my camera, I feel as though I lack the skill or talent to frame them in new, exciting ways. Here, I think there’s something about the repeated color between the two images that makes me like each of them more, and I’m wondering if working with diptychs would be one way to get out of a rut. I like a number of the ones I’ve seen recently, although I’m not sure what a good way to combine my photos into one image before posting them would be.

I loved these mini cheesecakes (especially the chocolate). I stopped in on Friday to pick up these two little guys as a snack for my study date. I thought the size was great, much smaller than I imagined, but in a good way. And I’ve heard excellent reports of their breakfast pastries.

Citizen Watch

21 May, 2010

These shots are the result of my fascination with my watch, a gift from my mom that I initially thought might seem too mom-like on me (i.e. that it would look like I was dressing up in my mother’s clothes). I have grown to enjoy the look of its curves and shiny leather strap.

Button Jar

20 May, 2010

Sunderland, MA

17 May, 2010

These are a few images from a weekend away for my dad’s birthday. The cute red truck is a well stocked bar, beneath that are the Belgians that took everyone for a wagon ride, and a couple of the views from the wagon trail.

Writing. blarg.

9 May, 2010

Last week was one in which my struggle to compose a clear, effective essay introduction seemed like a larger indictment of my writing.