Skies This Week

26 February, 2010

There were lots of great skies this week, which helped since I lacked the energy to think about looking for other subjects, as I tried to sort through some new ideas for my dissertation prospectus. Today was finished off with some flurries, that were pretty once I realized they were not going to stick.


Off to Roscoe’s & Tiramisu

22 February, 2010

Off to Roscoe's

Campus Skies

16 February, 2010

Tuesday Morning 1

Tuesday Morning 2

Tuesday Evening

The light on campus as I was arriving and leaving was lovely, although I think it looks even better in these images, since the colors in the second shot are a bit richer than I remember and the sun was blinding when I was taking the third shot.

A Real Sunday

15 February, 2010

National Gallery of Art

24 Carrot

My trip to the National Gallery was actually to see their Chester Dale Impressionists exhibit (fun and beautiful, but it didn’t seem worthwhile to try to photograph them, so the image above is one of the sculptures just outside the East Building), then lunch out, Kramerbooks, and Hello Cupcake. I finally see the point of all these cupcake shops: the 24 Carrot was vastly superior to the stale, heavy chocolate cupcake I got at Whole Foods a few weeks ago. And then . . . season premier of The Amazing Race!

Saturday Mail Delivery

13 February, 2010

These are delicious!

Best mail delivery: Netflix to watch tonight (In the Loop), new issue of The New Yorker, and Valentine’s Day candies from and HOORAY!!

The Second Storm

11 February, 2010

The wind moved the snow into these lovely sculpted forms surrounding what was left from the last storm.