Shop Windows

31 January, 2010

I also stuck my head in Now & Then, where they had those scrunchy scarves — a trend I found generally unimpressive until I saw them today in all of my favorite colors. Fortunately, I have banned myself from buying any new clothes until March.


Saturday Snow

30 January, 2010

Wind Shifts Direction


Spent as long bundling as walking, but this bird made it worthwhile. Hope it stays warm.

Walking to class

30 January, 2010

26 Degrees = Tights Not Warm Enough

Parking lot skies

28 January, 2010

Wednesday Morning

Thursday Morning 1

Thursday Morning 2

Monday Blues

25 January, 2010

Other good things for improving Mondays include the arrival of replacements for my favorite shoes and finding out that the first segment of Emma (which I missed last night) would be replaying when I was planning to go for a spin on the exercise bike.

Smithsonian Castle


Went to a disappointing exhibit at the Museum of African Art and a more satisfying dinner at Legal Seafood. Perhaps I should have listened when the guide outside the metro told me there is no Museum of African Art.


21 January, 2010